What is Performance Coaching?

Many top organizations and entrepreneurs across the globe are investing heavily into performance coaching and there’s a simple reason behind this – it shows measurable results.

According to a recent report, Fortune 1000 companies that implemented coaching saw a 48 percent increase in organizational strength and a 23 percent reduction in costs, among other results.

Moreover, according to statistics from the Institute of Coaching, more than 70 percent of individuals engaged in coaching reported higher performance at work, better relationships and improved communication skills.

Performance coaching, as the name suggests, is a process where an experienced and expert professional helps an individual and facilitates their development. When you have a performance coach, it means you have a coach who can help you in enhancing your abilities.

Directive and non-directive performance coaching

There are two main types of performance coaching – directive and non-directive. Under directive coaching, the coach directly makes the coachee aware of what they need to know in order to move on. This is mostly employed when the coachee is need of a knowledge intervention.

A majority of performance coaching is non-directive, which means that the coach does not directly tell the coachee what to do, or how to go about with a certain task, or give out advice. Instead, the coach helps the coachee dig deeper into themselves and learn more about their abilities so that they become more self-aware and confident.

How can you benefit from performance coaching?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of performance coaching –

Helps you set actionable goals

Performance coaching presents you with an opportunity to set realistic goals for yourself so you can advance your career. Everybody wants to move forward in life, especially when it comes to career, and the only way to do this is by setting goals for yourself.

Not only does performance coaching help you set goals, it educates you on the steps you can take to reach those goals and make them a reality. Your coach guides you in your journey towards attaining these goals you have set for yourself.

Helps you identify roadblocks and areas for improvement

With a better understanding of yourself and your professional environment, it becomes easier for you to identify the internal and external obstacles that stand between you and your goals.

While changes in external behavior such as improved communication skills and a boost in confidence are great, it is important they are accompanied by (or in fact a result of) changes in internal thought processes. This is exactly what performance coaching does. It helps you change your perspective in such a way that you not only know what is blocking you from reaching your goals, but you also know what you have to do remove these blocks and have the confidence to do so.

Helps you identify and maximize your strengths

Performance coaching helps you identify your strengths and talents, and helps you tap into these skills and qualities and develop them so you can use them to your advantage. With a deeper understanding of yourself, you become more confident in your skills and assets.

Under performance coaching, your coach guides you to identify your strengths and opportunities on your own. Then,

after you are aware of what you can offer, you find ways to maximize them and improve continuously.

Encourages personal growth and awareness

It’s not just your professional life that performance coaching can benefit. It is a holistic approach that facilitates personal growth and encourages self-awareness too. This drives you to improve your soft skills, gain new perspectives, and become a better leader.

It is important to note that performance coaching is not simply giving out advice, teaching, fixing people, or providing them with solutions for their tasks. It is also different from counselling, although there are several similar elements.

Performance coaching is about helping an individual find their own way so that they can maximize their opportunities and strengths and optimize their performance both professionally and personally. It is a way to learn more about yourself, understand your aspirations, and relate better to the people around you.


Performance coaching is a process where an individual is guided by a coach so as to reach their maximum potential. Many organizations and business professionals employ it and have seen significant results.

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