How To Be A Great Leader

Success in business is largely dependent on building a team of strong leaders who have key leadership skills, such as a distinct operational strategy and vision. Not many people understand that managers and CEOs aren’t the only role models for good leadership in an organization; rather anybody with the desire and necessary set of skills can be a great leader.

Here are some guidelines that could help you acquire good leadership qualities:

Begin By Building Trust

Having the courage to back your employees under all circumstances is the first step towards building trust and being a good leader. You need to exhibit a sincere interest in the well-being of your team and let them know that your personal interests would never supersede the overall organisational goals.

A key way to build trust is to get involved in the day-to-day activities with your team members, and being available to answer their queries and questions. Try and get to know your employees keenly and practice unbiased and consistent behaviour at all times.

Work On Developing Your Skills

When an individual lacks essential leadership skills, no position or title can ever make them a great leader. You’ve got to develop certain skills and have adequate expertise in the field you’re working in. It is also vital to define leadership for yourself, and how you would like to be on the frontline when guiding your team on various matters.

Avoid Preaching, Mentorship Is The Way To Go

Remember that your employees are looking to grow and develop within the organisation and on a personal level too. They’re probably always seeking guidance regarding how they can better their skills and discover their own strengths. A simple way to be a great leader is to support them in this task by being a consistent mentor, not a boss or preacher.

Offer Rewards and Recognition

A very important characteristic of a good leader is that they know how and when to offer rewards and recognition to their employees. This is vital to help them feel happy and appreciated. It is a researched fact that happier employees tend to deliver better results at work because they’re adequately motivated. Also, while it’s good to praise a team member openly, always reserve feedback and critique related to their growth and development for private sessions.

Be Flexible And Give Freedom

If you’re confident about the capabilities of your workers and know they’ll be able to execute a task(s) with precision, avoid excessive interfering. A good leader knows how to foster freedom and understands that flexibility allows people to find their own ways to do a job successfully.


Keep in mind that there are different styles of leadership and you need to keep evaluating your personal style from time to time in order to evolve in your interactions with your employees. Adapting to different situations and team dynamics is important to stay on top of your game and continue to be a great leader.

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