Do You Have the “IT” Factor To Land That Great Gig?

The best jobs in the market go to the best professionals – the professionals with gravitas, executive presence and the IT factor. While education and training can go a long way in landing you that great gig, at the end of the day it is invariably your personal drive and motivation that counts. If you have the IT factor, you can easily overcome the stumbling blocks.

What’s a Person with IT Factor Like?

This person has charm and charisma in his personality. He stands out in a crowd. His absolute magnetism makes him the center of attraction. His presence is enough to attract the attention of those around him. His looks may not be great but the IT factor makes him look more attractive than a person with great looks. George Clooney and Brad Pitt are probably among the sexiest people because of the IT factor in them.

IT factor plays an influential role in career advancement as in social life, in fact, it influences the career graph as no other factor. Most often, hiring managers cannot pinpoint why they chose one candidate over the next when choosing the best. The reasons they offer are often wishy-washy. According to David Jensen, a writer and speaker on career issues, the missing link here is the IT factor. It can then be concluded based on the opinion of a large number of hiring experts that you will need to enhance your IT factor to land that great gig.

What Qualities Go Into the IT Factor

According to David Jensen, the IT factor consists of confidence, passion, enthusiasm, and authenticity. These are the critical ingredients that a candidate needs to inculcate before they go for their next job interview, regardless of their personality type.

Confidence reflects when you appear comfortable, maintain friendly eye contact with the interviewer and listen to him well.

When the interviewer asks, “tell me about yourself” they are actually asking you how passionate you are in the work you do. In many ways, enthusiasm and passion are tied together. Your passion for the job also shows your enthusiasm for it.

Authenticity is often clouded by nervousness. To an interviewer you ought to appear like a friendly version of yourself instead of being a nervous wreck. To the interviewer who might be wondering what will be like working with you, the impression that you may want to leave is that you are a great fit.

Working with IT factor

The experts may have their own take on what constitutes the IT factor. However, what all of them agree unanimously is that IT factor can be learned. In other words, personal branding consultants can teach you and help you imbibe the qualities that go into developing the IT factor. IT is not innate. These skills can be taught even if they appear elusive.

According to Alanna Cochran, Sr. Sales and Management Recruiter, the sole quality that makes someone with the IT factor standout in the crowd is “a hunger to learn”. They are the people who constantly engage themselves in the task of improving or personal grooming through reading articles, following trends, and getting educated.

They are the persons who do not hesitate to reach out to the others to ask questions, no matter what their questions are or whether it’s the right time to seek help. They look for feedbacks and welcome the mentors. They do not hesitate to offer their help and support to those that need them.

They not only ask questions but want the answers. In other words, they are coachable. They are flexible and pro-changers. They are ready to shed the old ways and adopt new approaches. They thrive on constructive criticism. Employers love to work with them because they are open, mouldable and easy to work with.


Career conscious professionals are focused on career advancement. They may want to know how to talk to the boss about career advancement or how do education and training affect career advancement. They are often in need of mentors because socialization and mentoring can be used for career advancement. They may approach personal branding consultants. Reaching out for help and getting mentored are important steps in career advancement. Your personal brand consultant will probably tell you that the most important factor that goes into the success of any individual is IT factor. It is the factor that makes a person attractive and likable to the group around. They are the cynosure of all eyes. They stand out in the crowd. You may think, some people are born to be adored but it is proven beyond all doubts that IT is something that can be taught. The skill sets making for the IT in a person can be learned. In other words, with right coaching, mentoring and guidance you can imbibe the skills that will land you your dream gig.

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